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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  July 12, 2011 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] >> i am the ease recollection and the life says the lord. he that believes in me though he were dead yet shall he live, and whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. i know that my redeemer lives and that he shall stand at the
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latter day upon the earth and though this body be destroyed, yet shall i see god whom i shall see for myself and mine eyes behold and not as a stranger for none of us live to himself, and no man by himself for if we live, we live unto the lord, and if we die, we die unto the lord. whether we live therefore or die, we are the lord's. blessed are the dead who die in the lord's. even so says the spirit for they rest from their labors.
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[background sounds] >> the lord be you. >> the lord be with you. >> let us pray. oh, god of grace and glory, we remember before you this day our sister, betty. we thank you for giving her to us, her family and friends. to know and to love as a companion on our earthly pill -- pill grammage. give us faith to see in death the gates to eternal life so that in quiet confidence, we may continue our course on earth until by your call, we are reunited with those who have gone before through jesus christ our lord, amen.
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most merciful god whose wisdom is beyond our understanding deal graciously with mike, jack, steve, susan, and their families in their grief. surround them with your love so they may not be overwhelmed by their loss, but have confidence in your goodness and strength to meet the days to come through jesus christ our lord. amen. >> amen. >> will you please be seated.
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>> a reading from the book of isiah. has thou not known or heard that the everlasting god, the lord, the creator of the ends of the earth seen not? neither is weary. there is no searching of his understanding. he gives power to the faint and to them that have no might, he increases strength. even the youth shall fall faint and will weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as the
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eagles. they shall run and know be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. the word of the lord. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[background sounds] >> a reading from the first letter of paul to the corinthians. if i speak in the tongues of mortals and angels, but do not have love, i am a noisy gong or clanging symbol. if i have prophetic powers and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if i have all faith so as to move mountains, but do not have love, i am
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nothing. if i give away my possessions, and if i hand over my body so that i may boast, but do not have love, i gain nothing. love is patient. love is kind. love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. it does not insist on its own way. it is not irritable or resentful. it does not rejoice in wrong doing, but rejoices in truth. it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. love never ends, but as for prophesies, they come to an end. as for tongues, they seize. as for knowledge, it will come to an end, but we know only in part and prof size only in part,
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but when the complete comes, the partial will come to an end. when i was a child, i spoke like a child, i thought like a child, i reasoned like a child. when i became an adult, i put an end to childish ways. for now we see in the mirror dimly, but then we will see face to face. now i know only in part; then i will know fully even as i have fully been known, and now faith, hope, and love abide. these three and the greatest of these is love. the word of the lord. faith, hope, and love, three
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remarkable qualities of the human spirit, qualities that we as her family have seen and experienced in mom throughout her entire life, faith in god and in jesus christ as her maker and provider, her redeemer, her counselor and friend, mom's faith was especially in and through her personal renewal in faith late in her life. at the beginning of her recovery from her dependency on alcohol and prescription drugs. we know mom's faith, mom's faith in the value, the dignity, the worth of her fellow man, and more specifically, her faith in
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each of her children, in her brother and sister, her son and daughters-in-law, her grandchildren, her great grandchildren, as men and women of good character with great potential and great promise to lead and serve others for the good of all. we know of mom's hope that god's design and his gracious purposes for all mankind would be worked out and fulfilled through human history, and we know of her hope that each of us as family might discover and embrace that special call of god on our lives and for our futures.
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timely, mom's love -- finally mom's love. we know of mom's love -- her love of god and his personal touch on her life. bringing good out of evil, healing out of brokenness, joy and dancing -- yes, dancing. she was quite a dancer. bringing dancing out of sorrow. we know of her love for dad or as she called him, my boyfriend for 58 years of marriage, just yesterday my sister, susan, was rummaging through some of their special family letters and came
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across a western union telegram from january 1st, 1948. it was from jerry ford. he was in santa monica, california at the rose bowl, and he sent this to ms. betty warren. that's my mom. [laughter] he writes in the telegram, "miss you, betty, wish you were here. loads of love, jerry." what a beautiful journey they shared together as husband and wife faithfully standing by each other through the hard times,
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through the good times, through the challenges, through the crucibles of life only to grow stronger in their devotion to one another and closer in their united love. we know of mom's love for her family. each one of us as her children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, great grandchildren, we each have our own stories to tell and memories to cherish, how mom loved us, took the time to know us, each one in our own special way and to love us so well. we know of mom's love for others whether it be a friend in need
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or a patient at the betty ford center, mom extended freely. she extended herself freely in love and compassion to so many. once again, her desire to know a person's heart, to know their brokenness, their struggles, and her willingness to share and care for them through words of grace and acts of mercy, so as her extended family, we're here this day to give thanks for her precious life. we celebrate her life, we rejoice in the goodness of it, and how she lived it to its full leaving no regrets, only hope
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and joy. we celebrate the precious life of faith, of hope, and of love, but the greatest of these was her love. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the holy gospel of our lord,
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jesus christ, according to matthew. >> glory be to you, oh, lord. >> seeing the multitudes, jesus went up into a mountain, and when he was set, his disciples came unto him, and he opened his mouth and taught them saying, "blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs are the kingdom of heaven. blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after right -- righteousness, for they shall be filled. blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
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blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see god. blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of god. blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. blessed are you when men shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake, rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted they, the prophets were which before you, the gospel of the lord.
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[background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background [background sounds] [background sounds] >> betty ford was my friend, and i'm honored to be here today to help celebrate the life of this truly remarkable woman. i never imagined when we first
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met 40 years ago that we would develop such a close personal friendship. at that time, betty was the wife of the vice president of the united states. she had danced for the martha grahm dance company and performed at the carnegie hall, leader of the fight for women's rights, and she had come to georgia with the michigan art train, a project taking six cars filled with great art to rule communities across the country. jimmy was governor, and we invited betty to stay at the governor's mansion. i was nervous. she was the most distinguished guest we had ever had, but when she arrived, she was so warm and friendly that she immediately put me at ease, and we had a good time together. of course, i didn't tell her then that my husband was thinking about running for president. [laughter] the next time i met betty was at
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the white house during the 1976 election. it might have been a very awkward moment. i know from personal experience that it was a difficult time for her, yet, she was just betty, as gracious as always. as i assumed responsibility as first lady, i had an excellent role model, and a tough act to follow. betty broke new ground on speaking out on women's issues, public disclosure with her own battle the influence of office of first lady to promote early detection and millions of women are in her debt today, and she was never afraid to speak the truth even about the most sensitive subjects including her own struggles with alcohol and painkillers. she got some criticism. i thought she was wonderful, and her honesty gave her to others every single day.
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by her example, it also helped me recover from jimmy's loss in 1980. having embraced the cause for better treatment of men and women recovering from alcoholism and dependence, she worked tire lessly to establish the betty ford center and showed me that there is life after the white house, and it can be a very full life. in 1984, we both participated in the panel at the ford presidential library on the road of first ladies. we found our interest in addictive diseases and mental health came cognisent in many ways and that we could be a stronger force if we worked as partners, and we did for many years. sometimes, traveling to washington to lobby for our
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causes, especially for mental health and substance abuse disorders and all-health insurance plans, and i'm black she lived to see this happen. we didn't get everything we wanted, but we got a good start. i know that made her as happy as it made me. we talked about it. when we went to washington, she rounded up the republicans, and i rounded up the democrats, and i think we were fairly effective, most of the time. [laughter] after the 1984 conference, betty wrote me a note i still treasure in which she expressed add admiration for women who had their conditions and did what others were too timid to attempt . it was the most appropriate description of betty, someone willing to do things a bit differently than had been done before, someone who had the courage and grace to fight fear, stigma, and prejudice wherever
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she encountered it, and it's almost impossible to imagine a time people were afraid to reveal they had corns -- cancer or talk about personal struggles with alcoholism and addiction. she was a tireless advocate, some alone too ashamed to seek help. she brought the problems into the light. historians said our husbands, jimmy and jerry, developed a closer relationship than any other presidents after leaving the white house. i think betty and i had a similar relationship. in closing, i gist -- just want to add we shared another passion, our husbands and our families. her partnership with jerry public and private helped heal the nation and strengthen the family unit in its many varied forms. the love of her children,
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michael, jack, steven, and susan, was unbounded, and her grandchildren were a source of constant pleasure. when we got together later in life, we talked about our hopes and dreams for our children and grandchildren and also our great grandchildren. to you here who mourn the loss of your mother, your grandmother, and great grandmother today, we extend our most sincere sympathies and want you to know of the deep love and respect we have for this extraordinary woman. it was my privilege to know her. [background sounds] [background sounds]
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[background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] >> good afternoon, i'm jeff. >> good afternoon. >> well, betty, we're all here now. some of us here have been working towards this day for quite some time as you know.
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that's what happens when you're the first family. people have to be ready. ready to honor you in just the right way, ready to remember you in just the right way, ready to describe our memories of you in just the right way, ready to pray for you and your family in just the right way, but many of us here today, i dare say perhaps most of us here today, have no recollection at all of you, betty, as first family or parrish the thought of you as first lady. i never knew you that way, and i think i can speak for thousands
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of us who reclaimed our lives just a few short files from here. we never knew you that way. we knew you as mrs. ford, founder, ford chair, lecturer, our omnipresent face of recovery here in the desert, in grand rapids, in vail, on larry king, "good morning america," so many other tv shows, and then on campus. we got to know you as betty. we saw you in the rooms.
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we listened to you tell stories about your own feelings, your own guilts. your own ups, your own downs, your own memories of loneliness and fear and shame, and we could relate to that, betty. we felt close to you for that. all of the sudden, it was okay for us to have those feelings because you made us understand it didn't have to be that way anymore. so we were embarking on this
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journey together with you, but it was very scarry. we had no clue how to operate or do anything -- me, without vodka. i had no clue that it was possible to feel any other way than scared to death, hysterical. i had no clue that there was a way out of my desperate loneliness and my overwhelming guilt, but i remember what you told us the first week we were here back in september of 1983. i remember you said it didn't have to be that way anymore, that it had been that way for you, and that by listening to
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your counselors down in long beach, and by opening up to other patients who were there with you, and by speaking openly and hoppestly with your -- honestly with your loving family and friends, each day began to get better as you slowly learned how to peel away those horrifying feelings of sadness, of anger, and of guilt. you said something that i've never forgotten. you said that you had discovered that you were allergic to alcohol. that rang the bell for me. that, betty, made it understandable. i could grasp a leer --
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allergic. we began to understand that what the heck, if you could do it with all the pressures on you every day living in the white house for goodness sake, living with the leader of the free world, maybe, just maybe if we worked at it like you told us to, maybe we could also get some relief from the darkness that we had become almost comfortable with from the abyss that we had fallen into, from, yes, hell. so day by day, one by one, and in the loving care and protection of your amazing staff and volunteers, we began to understand maybe, just maybe if
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i do what they tell me, if i do as you told us you did, betty, maybe there's hope, maybe there's relief today, tonight when i finally go to sleep. if i can go just one more day without a drink, just one day like you said -- excuse me -- strange time to pick that up, wasn't it? [laughter] just one day like you said, then maybe i'll be able to feel just a tiny bit better, and so off we went on this journey into the wilderness called treatment. off we went scared, angry,
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scared, lonely, scared, terrified, but the warm and loving embrace for us, of us that you and leonard had envisioned so many years ago at this incredible place of healing began to take hold. lectures, group, meetings, group, jobs, group, journal, group, pool aerobics, group, feed the ducks, group. my goodness gracious, we were
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beginning to learn that it was actually okay to trust each other, that it was actually okay to be ourselves, that the process of purging ourselves of those decades of poisen, that it was actually possible to walk away from our toxic behavior, and that the more confidence we were able to build within ourselves, and the more we watched and listened to your regular talks to us of reassurance and support, the more we began to understand what this thing "recovery" was all about, and as the years have changed and as the world has changed more than any of us would ever have believed, the wisdom and support we take every
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day from the rooms has guided us in the right way, and you were the one who introduced us to this, betty. you were the one who helped us understand we can walk with god, we can walk together each and every day and our lives will be better. what a gift to us, to several generations of those like us who need help and who just need to learn how to generate a little pride and self-respect. what a gift. what a profound legacy. i remember you saying so often don't thank me, thank yourself. you're the one who's doing it
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with god's help. okay then, thank you, thank you, god, for bringing us this extraordinary lady, this brave and inspirational pioneer into our lives, all of our lives, even those who haven't experienced the gift of treatment or recovery, all of us are supremely better for having known you, betty, for having been up spired by you, and for having shared love with you. may god now grant you the peace and reward that you help so many of us learn about and experience.
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yes, god's grace upon you, dear betty. the world is so much a better place for your having been here with us. you'll never know how much we miss you, and oh, yes, before i finish, please give your boyfriend a hug from us. lord knows we miss him too. god speed, betty. god speed. [background sounds]
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[background sounds] [background sounds] [background sounds] >> how honored i am to be in this beautiful church with this magnificent choir before so many distinguished people who serve and continue to serve our country, especially the ford family. when mrs. ford assigned me the daunting honor of speaking at her funeral, it will come as no
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surprise the assignment came with instructions. [laughter] she wanted me to remind everyone of the way things used to be in washington, and i wouldn't be at all surprised if she'd timed her death to be sure to convey the message of comedy during this week when is seems so badly needed. [laughter] a couple months ago when the statue of president ford was revealed at the capitol, the ford children recalled happily their days playing hide and seek under the watchful gaze of george washington and having a bomb, times roaming those secret spaces of the alcohol -- capitol coming across some things spooky and brats as we are not kindly are called. we all have strong stories, talk
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about spooky. [laughter] after all, he was there most of our lives. al gore tells about him stepping on his truck. we girls have different stories. [laughter] since you came up in the 60s rather than the 50s, susan, i don't know if you had to parade down runways at the fashion shows congressional wives stage for good causes. at one time, one of the women actually scored a cue by snagging report goulet, but susan's mother escaped none of those 1950s rituals. my mother remembers that the reason she and betty ford performed in every fashion show was that they were the same size, the models were that is, small, and i must say that in
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the retrospect over the weekend, it brought back some of my earliest memories of how incredibly betty ford was. since our memories were all involved in the congressional club, many of us put in time at the dancing school, linda johnson-rob, and even some of the boys had too thad, and they all got copies of the cookbook as wedding presents. it doesn't seem bad, and more wedding presents we all received, glass items with the names of members of congress etched into them. [laughter] it's nice in a way. i think of tommy kiegel every time i serve cake. [laughter] the worst present is the department of agriculture yearbook. [laughter] true story.
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we all had fathers away a lot and mothers who ran everything, and we all grumped and giggled together about it because we were all friends, and that's what betty ford wanted me to talk about here today. a couple of years before he died, i came here to the desert to interview president ford on a series of former presidents in the constitution. when we turned the cameras off, the president turned to me and he said, i don't know what's going on today in washington, cokie. i just don't understand it. when i was minority leader, we got in a cab and go downtown to some place like the press club and say, okay, what are we going to argue about? now, it was a real debate. we are different views about means to an end. we disagreeded with each other. we were certainly partisans, but after we went at it, we'd get back to the cab together and be
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best friends. actually, by that time they had drivers, and i think the cab part was slightly exaggerated, and we all remember douglas and the wonderful drivers, and they'd be horrified, but the point is the same. that friendship, that friendship made governing possible. they weren't questioning each other's motives, much less their commitment to the country. underlying many of those across the aisle and even more remarkable, across the dome congressional friendships was the relationships among the wives. over the last few days we've appropriately celebrated betty ford for her incredible courage in the face of her own challenges and the impact that courage has had upon millions of wives, but in her wisdom, she knew that the part of her life that would be given little notice is her many years as a partner of the member of the house of representatives, so that's why she asked me to talk
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about it. it was a tough job. more often political widow than political wife. the duties ranged from showing and visiting constituents around the capitol. it was a big deal in those days when someone traveled from michigan or louisiana to washington, to help run the social service programs in the district of columbia. in the days before home rule in washington, it was the political wives working with the african-american women who lived there to stitch together a safety net for the citizens of the nation's capitol. there was always the challenge of the political wife to entertain on no money at all, and, of course, she was expected to be the perfect wife and mother. mrs. ford played all those roles, and i'll tell you boy scout mother sounds sweet until you've tried it. [laughter] sunday schoolteacher, leader in the congressional wives prayer group, and yet her official title as it was for most
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political wives was housewife. it was a title she shared with many american women, and it gave her a great understanding about what women's lives were like. she said once being a good housewife seems to be a much tougher job than going to the office and getting paid for it. she was giving words to the dirty little secret that men always knew. over the years, she spoke out more forcefully for women's rights. mrs. ford strongly defended the housewife's role, downgrading this work has been part of the pattern in our society, the downgrade to individual women's talents in all areas. no wonder women all over the country have spent this past weekend loving her anew. one talent the political wives were expected to cultivate that they didn't share with most women was that of first
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campaigner, of whom we have a few here, but it was especially the wives of house members, the housewives, if you will, who faced an election every two years, who had to really learn how to campaign. of course, by the time he ran for president, ford supported those elected betty husband's buttons, but people in michigan express those sentiments for decades, and it was another activity that constant campaigning that brought political wives together, even if they were on different sides, they had the same complaints, and that meant they forged tightly joined connections that extended to the men as well. they would bring the men together, serve them drinks and a good meal, listen to their stories, and make them behave. some of the good behavior carried over to congress. it was a role political wives
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actually played since the beginning of this republic, and it has worked. now you former members, former presidents and former members all get together nicely, and it's very nice. it's very nice if you get together after the fact, but we wish some of you would come together beforehand. [laughter] the friendship between my mother and betty ford span more than 60 years. they became especially close when the ford couples made the trip to china in early 1972. i asked my mother yesterday what she and mrs. ford did on that trip, and of course, she joked, i'm to not sure i want to tell all those people about it. [laughter] then she lit up remembering a day when just the two of them went out and they were getting frustrated at their inability to communicate, and finally mrs. ford turned to mom and said, what difference does it
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make? mom laughed at the memories thinking of course she was right as she was about everything. it was only a few months later since my father's plane was lost over alaska, and the fords were devastated. they were so attentive to our families, but mrs. ford was really undone, and yet she spent so much time shoring up my mother through that period, and my mother said to me softly yesterday, she was such a great help to me. that's what these women did. they helped each other. they helped their husbands. they helped and hounded us children, and they helped the nation. they regularly conspired to convince the lawmaker mates to pass legislation to help educate and care for children, house old and poor people, and have outcomes for all, and yes, give equal rights to women. betty ford supports the equal
8:58 pm
rights amendment did not arise full blown as being first lady. she was pushing it for years and making sure her husband got the message. president ford told me years later, i had a lot of pressure not only politically on the outside, but inside my own family. mrs. ford was a very hard supporter of equal rights for women, and i used to get a lecture quite frequently, and i got pushed to act on the floor of the house in favor of it, and i did. i voted for it, and i think it's a good approach, but it was a very controversial provision. now, there's your mid western understatement. as susan said in an interview, being first lady didn't change her mother, but rather gave her a podium to stand on to express the views she had formed in her years as a congressional wife, but betty ford also always knew when the step off the podium, how to avoid that worst of labels for any woman of the era,
8:59 pm
especially the political wife. she was never strident. she could use her good humor to disfuse any discussion whether she was overstepping her bounds as first lady -- something none of you have heard anything about. [laughter] she told the men of the press that they had often heard her say whatever makes jerry happy makes me happy. if you all believed that, you're indeed unworthy of your profession. [laughter] she had them, and she made it look easy. of course it wasn't easy, and through betty ford's courage, we learned just how hard those years were, but mrs. ford had something very important going for her. she knew who she was. before her sudden asession to first lady she said, i'll move to the white house, do the best i can, and if they don't like
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it, they can kick me out, but they can't make me be somebody i'm not. .. it is of course the good wife. she opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is law of kindness. she looks to the ways of her household and eats not the bread of idleness. her children rise up and call her blessed, her husband also
9:01 pm
and he praises her. the daughters have done virtuously but you xl in all. fever of this deceitful and the invasion but along as the lord shall be praised. give her the fruit of her hand and let her own works praise her in the gates. over the figure sprays you, betty ford, and this congressional pratt along with the rest of the country, especially the women who've been keeping this republic. thank you. >> in the name of wholley and undivided trinity, amen.
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it has been a lifelong dream of mine to be the fifth of five speakers in a long room immediately following coakie roberts. [laughter] today is the day. [laughter] >> agnostic singer susan warner may have had a fight in her 2007 song probably not. she sings think of that easter day when they ruled the stone away and the apostle said they'd seen of jesus by the city wall st. thomas hart was pure, and he said oh, right, yeah, sure. and that's why st. thomas was the grooviest a possible fall. he's famous for his doubting. he's not certain, but if he is
9:03 pm
as said, the grooviest, it's not because he lacks trust. he says unless i see the mark of the nails in his hands, and i put my finger in the mark of the nails and my hand in his sight i will not believe. this is not about fi thoughtlessness -- faithlessness. thomas needs to touch the wounds. hearing the story second hand isn't good enough. even seeing it isn't enough. unless i put my finger in the wound and my hand in his side, i will never believe. thomas is on to something. he's not suggesting that he doesn't want to believe, he's
9:04 pm
not suggesting that there are no wounds or no sides to put his hand on. he understands something that is lost to all the others. resurrection life involves touching the wounds. resurrection doesn't make the wounds go away. resurrection gives the wounds power to change others when they touch people. the one leopard intend who turned around to think jesus for healing him, thomas understands that his own healing is somehow connected to turning back to come to giving thanks, putting his own hand on jesus so' wones. it makes a difference because thomas had a wound or to himself. it may have been physical or wounds of the soul, the kind
9:05 pm
that call out at night and tell us that we are ugly, that we are stupid, that we have no will power, that we are sick, or that we have been bad, that we are not lovable, that the love we feel is a secret or shameful, that we deserve the pain that we feel. these are the wounds of the great why that obscured our ability to see ourselves the way god sees us as beloved children has made in god's own likeness, these are the wounds that leave us in a spiritual darkness afraid to open our eyes to why the that we may never see or the we might get a good look at
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ourselves and be unable to bear the sight. this is not a hypothetical wound this is what describes the wounded souls of millions of people. and strength doesn't help, those who look strong on the outside don't in fact quite the way. more often, the strong r loveless, no easy and clanging symbols who only serve to heighten the sense that there were own weakness is also we deserve. enter into that before, whose own wounds buy now are well documented in public together with her courage, her clarity of
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thought, her imagination and capacity to put others at ease by risking connections to great joy and deep wounds. yesterday as i watched in here as a friend of mrs. ford briefed the honor guard about what they should expect when they encounter the ford family. he says they will not only speak to them but will inquire with sincere interest out how they are doing, about how their work is going and how it came to be assigned here today the last they say because that's who they are. that's how they were brought up. in short, that the ford taught her own family to be quite like she changed lives not only by the example of her the shlaes and struggles by allowing those who have no business doing so to
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touch her wounds and find the healing in them. god's little secret about strength is that we are protected in our weakness not in our strength because our strength gets in the way coming into our weakness and that weakness allows us by greece to touch the wounds that are too familiar to us, and by those to be healed in whole when others encountered her and think her for what she had done before characteristically would return the gratitude with good wishes but point out that each person who found her way to health and wholeness through recovery did the heavy lifting on her own. thank you, she would say.
9:09 pm
and there is of course some truth and wisdom and that. a bit before didn't heal millions of people by her own strength but by turning around, the turnaround and allowing others not only two of search creek sample, but to touch her wounds. many people in this room are alive for the very reason. linus changed and even save our hard to measure and hard to count. cause and effect is never as needed as one would like and we never know how many people experience the novelty of hope because they watched it before the bear her own wounds with an exacting combination of kimber and grace, for shame and fear
9:10 pm
stared down at the embrace of an uncertain future. we will never know how many people learned first from the ford to use the language of truth telling and recovery and not moral failure. women of a certain era were taught that there were places a leedy does not go on escorted. we will never know how many women moved only by betty ford's example to the new and profound gospel truth that how we now hold to be self-evident obvious that the women are created equal to men. that their dignity is a god-given and that there were new and better way is first to
9:11 pm
be a lady, a first lady like the ford. mike, jack, steve and suzanne. today we commend your mother sold to our lord who knows her wounds well because she dared to touch bob's own life and pour out for others to come into her means opening the gates of heaven long and wide to admit countless songs of angels she carries in tow. living in a waiting who fired their way through dark coldness she took to herself and shared so generously. easter day when they ruled this done away and the apostles said they have seen jesus by the city
9:12 pm
wall curbing heart was pure, and she said right, yeah, sure. and that's why did he was the grooviest first lady of all. >> and the assurance of eternal life given at baptism, let us stand and proclaim hour own face and say together i believe in one god called the father almighty, maker of heaven and earth and in jesus christ, his only son, our lord, who was conceived by the holy ghost, born of the virgin mary, suffered under conscious pilot, was crucified, died and was buried. he descended into hell. he rose again from the dead. he ascended into heaven and sits on the right hand of god, the
9:13 pm
father almighty. from then he shall come to judge the great and the dead. i believe in the holy ghost, the holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sin, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, amen. >> and the lord be with you. let us pray. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. as i kingdom come. the i will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil. the kingdom and the power and
9:14 pm
the glory forever amen.
9:15 pm
>> to all who learn how to confidence and care debt casting all of their grief on you the constellation of your love, amen. give courage and faith to those who are believed that they may have strength to meet the days ahead in comfort of a reasonable and police hope in the joyful expectation of an eternal life with those they love. amen. lagat, the king of saints, we praise and glorify your holy name for all your service who finished their course in the face and fear for the blessed
9:16 pm
virgin mary, for the holy patriarchs, profits, apostles and martyrs' and for all your other righteous servants known to us and unknown. amen. >> and we pray that encouraged by their examples, aided by their prayers and strengthened by their fellowship we may also be partners in the inheritance and light though merits of your son, jesus christ. amen. >> grant lord to all who believe the spirit of faith and courage that they may have strength to meet the days to come with steadfastness and patience, not sorrow and those without hope in due full remembrance of their great good mess and the joyful
9:17 pm
expectation of the eternal life with those they loved. in this we ask in the name of jesus christ, our savior. amen. >> mighty god, father of mercy, forgiveness and comfort to graciously we pray for all who mourn the casting of their care on you the man of the consolation of your love through jesus christ our lord. amen. >> grant us grace and to the never failing left received the arms of mercy and remember her according to the favor and to your people. amen. >> god, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot
9:18 pm
change, the courage to change the things i can come and the wisdom to know the difference. living one day at a time, enjoying one moment at a time, accepting hardships as the pathway to peace, taking as he did this sinful world as it is, not as i would have it, trusting that he will make all things right if i surrender to his rule that i may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with him forever in the next,
9:19 pm
amen. ♪ ♪ >> give rest, christ come to your servants. the creator and the maker of
9:20 pm
mankind, and we are mortal, formed of the earth and onto earth shall we return for a sold-out when created me dost thou art and unto dust shall thou return all we go down to the dust yet even as the grave we make our song haleh leah, holly leah. >> give rest [inaudible] >> into the hands merciful save your we commend the servant betty as a lamb of the known flock, center in the redeeming, receiver into the arms of thy mercy and the rest of everlasting peace and the glorious company of the saints,
9:21 pm
amen. >> who brought in from the dead our lord jesus christ the great shepard of the sheep through the everlasting covenant me view perfect in every good work to view his will. working in you that in his sight and the blessing of god almighty as the father, the sun and the holy spirit among you and remain with you always. >> let us go for the name of christ. >> thanks be to god. ♪ ♪
9:22 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:23 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
9:26 pm
now a hearing on the transportation security at the ministry and the federal agency that oversees security at u.s. airports, trains and transit systems. we will hear from tsa officials as well as representatives of the aviation mass transit pipeline, rail and trucking industries. this hearing of the house on land security subcommittee on transportation security is two hours. >> the committee on homeland security subcommittee transportation security will come to order. the committee is meeting today to hear a different industry perspectives on authorizing the transportation security administration for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. i would like to welcome everyone here to this hearing and thank all of our witnesses for their
9:27 pm
patients. i apologize for us been called for votes when the hearing was supposed to start, but it is what it is. we look forward to your testimony and greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into your opening statements preparing for the hearing and i know the q&a is going to be worthwhile. the committee plans to develop a tsa authorization bill which is intended to enhance the streamline tsa transportation security initiative. a few weeks ago administrator pistol testified in front of the subcommittee to discuss his priorities, the purpose of today's hearing is to hear different industry perspectives on the ongoing challenges and securing transportation systems and what improvements could be made through the legislative process. tsa plays a critical role keeping america's travelers say, however, it is hinged on the cooperation for the public and private sector partners. we look forward to continuing this conversation hearing from some of the reverse course of public and private sector partners that tsa relies on to fulfill its mission of
9:28 pm
protecting our nation's transportation systems. as an example of the important collaboration between tsa and its partners has been the response to the human air cargo intact. since october, tsa is in working with private industry to develop and implement it short-term security directive to address certain vulnerabilities to read while challenges remain the open lines of communication between tsa and private industry is commendable and should be recognized as such. today's hearing is an opportunity as the partners including the rail, trucking, mass transit, pipeline and the aviation sector to voice their insight how tsa authorization bill can improve overall transportation security, enhance the effectiveness of the tsa transportation security initiative and address any efficiencies that still may exist. i look for to and open dialogue that will allow the industry partners that interact with tsa on a daily basis the ability to inform the committee and its continued development of the tsa authorization bill. the committee considered an authorization bill last congress
9:29 pm
as h.r. 2200 midranking member sheila jackson lee's leadership and i look forward to continuing to work with her on a bipartisan basis for this effort. with that, i now recognize the famous ranking member, sheila jackson lee for five minutes for her opening statement. >> mr. chairman, thank you. and again, let me thank you for the cooperation that we have promoted in this issue on this issue of transportation security to the witnesses here thank you very much for your presence and take note of the fact of members' schedules that were rescued from somewhat because the long list of votes and that may delay some members or cause them to have some additional scheduling concerns so let me thank you again. the chairman is right, we listen to administrator pistol and now the stakeholders the workers professionals, pilots and flight attendants are just a few of the many professionals who find it
9:30 pm
within their job description the response of the of securing the nation's railroads, skies and pipelines against terrorist attacks including chiefs of metropolitan rail systems. all as a front line. when we talk about security, we are talking about people and the critical question for me is our transportation workers trained and equipped to recognize and mitigate potential terrorist act. let me say just as i did in the first hearing on tsa authorization last month with administrator pistol we simply cannot forget the lessons learned from the past as we look to preventing future terrorist attacks. i think the chairman and i agree that there are many tools we happen to be unified in our support on canines. it's not present the table today. so we won't ask any questions, but what we are saying is that we need tools, professional persons used, persons who are professional who will use finding those threats that will
9:31 pm
impact the american people. as the congress and a nation we have taken many steps to shore up the former buddies and protocols and process sees that enabled the hijack of to penetrate the system and destroy thousands of lives. we've made great progress. we decided to move we try system that barry's security companies operating checkpoint security to its allies to system of professional screeners who can quickly adapt to threats based upon the latest intelligence to really implement mandatory screening for the czechs and the carter one passenger planes and we directed that doors be strengthened and we deployed more to secure the aircraft cabin on high-risk flights. frankly i am a supporter of increasing those air marshals on a flight internationally. however, mr. chairman, our work is not done it to the witnesses at work is not done. this year there's been five incidents where flight attendants have had to subdue a passenger to the security aircraft cabin and request to submit a list of the incidents for the record, mr. chairman.
9:32 pm
while these were not terrorist incidents that reveal how when portend a leader of security represent in fact all of us who fly to work as i tell my elementary school children as i visit our schools when i tell them that life like to work depend upon those frontline armored but not armored flight attendants among with our pilots once those stores are closed and the last congress when we passed a bipartisan authorization bill we've recognized this and include provisions to include the oversight of the air carrier's security programs and directed that the work with the industry to implement accessible advanced security training for flight attendants. let me be very clear the airlines need to pay for flight attendant security training and it needs to be part of their compensation package on the airline package please recognize the hands of passengers, you have the passengers in your
9:33 pm
hands. i continue to support these concepts and continue not to understand our position to improving aircraft cabin security as we reinforce the pile that door and provided for pilots to carry on and train. let us do something for flight attendants. but the small investment of time and training we can take the next step in the security by ensuring the crew is trained to meet today's threats and let's not forget that when we are in the air when there are no air marshals on board the flight crew that is the last line of defense. let's let them work together, air marshals and flight attendants and a bold public force. i think ten years later let us not forget the lessons learned as we look to addressing the evolving terrorist threats we in fact even have a discussion on the training on september 12th, 2001. how many lives are saved when the passengers on united flight 93 although of course they lost
9:34 pm
their lives sending it into the crowd in pennsylvania 585 miles per hour sacrificing themselves instead of allowing the terrorists to kill thousands more. i simply say let us not be penny wise and foolish when it comes to security. regarding mass transit and pipeline security, i have introduced h.r. 1900, the service transportation mess security act, which serves as transportation inspection office and service transportation advisory committee for stakeholder consultation on securing programs. i look forward to working with the chairman and his leadership on this issue, and i might say that h.r. 1900 also increases the number of canine teams for the transit security purposes but wherever i go, canines, but as a viable tool to be utilized in the security. let's be creative, let's move forward in training flight attendants and professionalism and using the tools that are helpful. given the threat to the transportation system as evidenced by information made public solving the demise of bin laden, we simply must bring this pay transportation efforts in
9:35 pm
line with aviation and i urge the ready to consider the bill and be part of the overall tsa authorization. finally mr. chairman i request a field hearing on the pipeline security and i know that we are in discussion and i think you very much for your interest and i hope that we will have one in washington as well. this is a serious matter, and it is reflected by recent incidents in montana. i believe we can work together on issues of transportation plan security of aviation and rail in all aspects it's important year from the stockholders who are here and again let me thank you very much for being part of american security and let's overcome some of our disagreements and follow-through on behalf of the american people securing the homeland. i yield back. thank you very much. >> i thank the gentlelady and would like to remind other members of the of opening statements they may be suspended for the record and at this time i would like to without objection as unanimous consent to answer to this statement from the association aircraft owners and pilots is a seizure in the
9:36 pm
air line pilots association, the national air carriers association chamber of commerce to the united states of america. during no objection, so ordered. we are pleased to have several distinguished witnesses -- >> if i may have a unanimous consent i would ask unanimous consent the gentleman from michigan in the full committee mr. clark be authorized for the purpose of the witnesses during the hearing today. >> so ordered. >> we have several distinguished witnesses before us and let me remind the witnesses that their entire statements will be submitted for the record. so, if you would like to summarize those we will get through the panel as quickly as possible and get to the questions. first, we have mr. tom farmer, currently serves as the assistant vp of the association of american railroads. i've enjoyed working with him during my team here and i'm proud to have you here. the floor is yours, mr. former. >> thank you very much. mr. chairman, ranking member jackson lee, members of the committee, on behalf of the association of american
9:37 pm
railroads, thank you very much for this opportunity to appear today. at the outset, i must emphasize that nothing is more important ilyse of their employees come safety and security of their employees, of their operations and the communities that the serve. as all of you know, the issue of the security guard attention to the significant attention. and with the reporting and al qaeda in the operation and pakistan ended with the demise of osama bin laden. with the efforts to railroad the target's knott however. indeed the extensive efforts that we as the industry have devoted to enhance since the 9/11 attacks have been promised free much of this reality. following 9/11 connect and on their own initiative, the real words made top-level security task force existing of more than 150 industry experts to conduct a thorough evaluation of risk and security and then network. the focus areas include critical
9:38 pm
infrastructure, the rail operations, hazardous materials, communications and control systems and military shipments. this effort produced the rail industry's risk analysis and security management plan. it is a comprehensive priority based action the industry developed to deal with new realities. this is adopted by the industry in december of 2001 within three months of the 9/11 attacks and remains the foundation of the efforts today updated on the experience and its usage and changing circumstances with the threat. the plan defines the progressively tighter security of low levels and details the actions be taken at each level and there are more than 50 per minute measures implemented as this plan. in addition, those areas the countermeasures cover focus upon its people, the effectiveness of the procedures and the technology. in addition to the regular
9:39 pm
exercise conducted with industrywide and by the industry railroads, we test the effectiveness of this plan on realistic terms of the provincial response scenarios. a particular area of what we do is the intelligence security information. they maintain for this purpose the transportation information sharing analysis center and the network. and these work in concert which provide effective means for timely notification of security threats come incidents and other emergencies to assure daily security awareness and expand the understanding of terrorist attacks. one of the key initiatives in these two bodies and our version of the american public association a daily brief caught the transit and intelligence awareness daily. this is a very concise overview of the most significant matters of the day in the areas of suspicious activity reporting, terrorism analyst, general security awareness and cybersecurity. the information provided by this can be used by railroads to
9:40 pm
augment channing awareness briefing for employees and shared with local federal authorities and partnerships. the top priority working closely with tsa and evans to the effectiveness and security and i would like to highlight this year the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the time is right for a thorough review of the security strategy programs how can we be more effective in a sustainable way? the object is agreed they set the framework for how we measure the effectiveness of our policies, programs and initiatives. tsa freed real division was credit to me for this purpose next month. second, the information sharing between the railroad and the government agencies we work with the provide a wealth of security information every day to the various government entities but we give to bill bac that helps perform the security mission
9:41 pm
effectively. we have submitted to the tsa and the dhs intelligence requirements to close the gap. one that is focused on, looking for in-depth analysis of the prepared reactions terrorists take and successful attacks they tried and failed attempt. looking for insight and the adversary how they function to enable better informed effective security measures. and the believe security and efficiency if there were more standardization and the tsa inspection activities especially the interpretation of the security regulations and a month field offices and from the parties set by the tsa headquarters are causing adverse but unavoidable impact on operations. we believe the tsa regional inspectors have been appointed on amtrak to offer a viable and sustainable solution to these concerns. thank you for this privilege and i'm very happy to answer any questions you may have.
9:42 pm
>> thank you mr. fervor for your testimony. we appreciate you being here and tell your time is valuable. i appreciate that. our second witness is martin rojas of the american trucking is this edition of the chair recognizes mr. rojas for your opening statement. >> thank you very much. chairman rogers, ranking member jackson lee and members of the committee, think for the abridged and to testify on the authorization of the transportation security administration. the trucking industry is a federal component of the economy earning more than 80% of domestic freight revenue. it's important to note the trucking industry is comprised primarily of small businesses with 97% of trucking companies operating 20 trucks or less. in addition, 18% of all u.s. communities depend solely on the trucks to deliver supply the commodities. because the trucking is a link in the economy that is critical to the government requirements, improved security without curtailing the ability to deliver america's great
9:43 pm
efficiently and safely as the committee is aware of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, government agencies have been planted various security initiatives impacting the transportation sector as a whole. in today's multi modal transportation system, this means a requirement on one specific mode cannon directly impact the operation. the trucking industry consider the trucks and commercial drivers operate in maritime facilities airports facilities across the nation's international borders. to mitigate the risks to future terrorist attacks and ensure both the national security and economic security with the dissent stand by the tsa assistant secretary john pistol. in early june mr. kissell testified that we must reduce the vulnerabilities in the transportation system by establishing risk-based purchase and by using sound intelligence and making decisions and carrying out our operations. the trucking industry favors such an approach.
9:44 pm
as this committee considers how to improve the security of the country's transportation system, we suggest the following for observations. first, mandating more security requirements does not necessarily improve the security of the transportation system. as an industry already heavily regulated by safety and security requirements, more regulations will only increase the compliance on trucking companies rather be in improve security. for multiple back rent checks and security plans to overlapping security training and in routt security, the trucking industry has always been saturated by such requirements. second, 80 day encourages improving government industry information sharing. trucking companies have embraced several initiatives by law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community to exchange and better understand the mutual information needs to improve the nation's security. today, members are involved in the various programs including the director of national intelligence, the fbi's infrared guerard program and its domestic security alliance council was
9:45 pm
always the homeland security information network. we believe that enhancing information sharing efforts at the federal, state inlet local level will improve the security posture of the trucking industry. third, government agencies must continue to improve coordination of the respect of security regulations. ata recognizes higher risk operating environments must address the specific risks associated with such operations. because of that during environments in which the trucking companies operate, applying a one-size-fits-all approach isn't practical for the trucking industry. however, federal agencies must improve interagency coordination to establish mechanisms that recognize the basic common requirements or protocols and other security programs. complying with multiple security requirements by various government agencies is simply not a suitable -- simply not suitable for motor carriers. last week, the ata believes that the leader roel must be finalized and the program's application process must be improved. tsa and the u.s. coast guard
9:46 pm
must finalize the tort rules and ensure the prophecies and the system to prevent counterfeiting and used the false identity information to obtain. ata still believes that it should function as a single security threat assessment and credential that satisfies the background check requirements of the multiple programs. in this regard i want to think again this committee, this committee's bipartisan leadership in addressing the multiplicity of backend checks and credentials. ata is a strong supporter of the modern security act of 2011 and we look forward to this bill becoming law. on behalf of ata and its members i think you for the opportunity to share some comments and i look forward to answering your questions. >> thank you. thank you for that remark. the fact is the issue was brought to the attention of the committee by your association, so i really appreciate the fact you gave us the heads up and we were able to do something about it. our next witness is ms. wanda
9:47 pm
speed and she's an alumni of the steam university which i graduated. she's just younger than i am. [laughter] but it's good to have her here. we look for two years in her testimony and i will tell you that a 90 member, you are going to hear about them after all the of the atlanta transit system -- >> [inaudible] >> good afternoon, mr. chairman and distinguished members and thank you for the opportunity to provide my testimony on behalf of the metropolitan atlanta transit authority in atlanta georgia and their representatives of the public transportation throughout the nation. my name is ipt dunham and i'm pleased to serve as the police chief and manager for the police services and emergency
9:48 pm
management to the ninth largest public transportation system. i speak to view as someone with more than 24 years of police experience and a mass transit environment and some who collaborates with in the industry as a member of the american public transit association of the committee on public safety and i truly appreciate your interest and improving the public transportation security across the country today the grant program as a federal funding program remains a significant resource and implementation and countermeasures against the terrorist threat. since 2003 we have received approximately $31 million in federal funding and support of the various target security initiatives. with the support of this investment, we've been able to develop or expand key programs such as the cctv camera system as well as acquiring 15 bomb
9:49 pm
detection k-9 teams including three vapor k-9 teams that can actually detect the presence of orders related to an explosive device. i would like to spend a few minutes to discuss the team's at marta. i'm pleased to report its benet for front and the use of this unique application and the detection of explosive devices we were the first transit agency to be part of the canine detection program for the tsa. we were asked to persecute and a pilot program for the first of a great canine program in the country. this program was spearheaded university protection training center in auburn alabama. our was the first graduate of this impressive training program. although it was retired last year we recognize her today for her six years of dedicated
9:50 pm
service to the department. while there has been a great degree and other transit systems across the country, there's still much work that is required to continue to keep the nation safe. much of the efforts and focus on this investment today has been in the area of infrastructure and target hardening. many systems are experiencing the need for additional funding and a broad funding by declines to deliver the existing capital investment with operational support and increasing the limitation on the operational funding from 10% to 20% and allowing personnel costs where the need can be strong we substantiated will be of great support to the transit systems. additionally, recent intelligence information has substantiated what we have known for some time that the transit systems remain highly vulnerable for potential tax. to that point, is highly recommended that the congress reauthorize the transit security
9:51 pm
grant program at levels similar to those authorized under the 9/11 commission act. finally, i cannot emphasize how important and critical the financial support provided by congress through the security grant program has been to local and regional efforts across the country and keeping our customers save as we prepare of the regional level to ensure we are responsive and prepared for you and emerging 21st century security threats in support of congress and you're continued commitment to keep in stride with the financial needs of vital to our success. i will entertain any questions. thank you for your time. >> thank you. our fourth witness mr. reese for the pipeline will be testifying on behalf of the association of the oil pipelines and this recognizes mr. reese for his testimony.
9:52 pm
>> yes we have an asset going to the five states. after an chairman rogers, ranking member jackson lee and members of the subcommittee. i am the corporate safety and security leader of the colonial pipeline and i appreciate the opportunity to appear on the association of oil pipelines, the american petroleum institute is the chairman of the coordinating council of america relies on in america for the month to 70,000 miles of liquid pipeline to move the energy that fuels the nation's economy and supports the quality-of-life. one of them is colonial. colonial headquarters and a plant in georgia where we operate a system consisted of 5,500 miles of pipeline. when measured by the transport and colonial is the largest pipeline in the world. colonial in the pipeline industry are committed to delivering the material safely and efficiently. we are also committed to keeping the facility secure. with regard to the security of the pipeline system, private and public sector share the same goal protecting from a tax so we can avoid loss of life, disruption of service, damaged
9:53 pm
assets of injury to employees or the public or harms the environment and the national economy. one key element to effectively manage the risk is what tsa properly called a partnership between private and public sectors. the success of this and any part purchase dependent on communication and collaboration. in my view, the most effective security program will be one that is not static, but rather constantly adjusting to ensure we are staying ahead of a sophisticated adversary. regular interaction through a strong industry partnership provides this flexibility. tsa pipeline security division regularly conducts corporate security reviews of major pipeline operators to assess the security plans and critical facility inspections of the most sensitive locations in the pipeline industry to focus on implementation of security practices at pipeline facilities. the result of the two have been used to develop security smart practices then shared across the industry. i can personally attest to the fer nature of the review how
9:54 pm
extensive some of these businesses can be. it also issued pipeline security guidelines which are specific federal recommendations for the security practices throughout the pipeline industry. these were built on previous guidance and requirements and the commission act to rid our industry worked with tsa in the development of the guide lines. rarely the industry and regulators agree on every point or proposal the very nature of detective parker shook the city a little compromise as mentioned a working relationship however we believe there are opportunities for the communications elsewhere within the dhs and for the gasoline storage facilities in the program and that conclusion of the process that's gone on for a very long time contrary to the initial indications from the dhs, the regulations were expanded to include operators of gasoline storage facilities by the corporation of the mixtures provision lead in the regulatory development process to read comments were filed against were asking the dhs to review the
9:55 pm
rule making and for over two years the industry has awaited a formal reply. another concern is with credentials. the liquid pipeline industry and others within the oil and natural gas sector support the risk-based security standards of high risk facilities to protect critical infrastructure. we support the credential programs that check personally identifiable information against the terrorist database. we are concerned whether dhs proposal for the personal leisure the program would create significant new had been a string of burdens with little or no security enhancement. rather than creating a redundant program would appear logical for the dhs to leverage the widely accepted utilize program. i want to thank the subcommittee and its members for addressing this issue in the market as h.r. 901 and it's our hope this proposal will be part of the final reauthorization this year. in conclusion, it's been my personal experience that tsa's pipeline security division has assumed a responsible approach of pipeline security working with the industry to identify practical security practices for the pipeline operators in my
9:56 pm
view this partnership serves the public well. thank you for the opportunity to comment and i look forward to your questions. >> thank you reese and as i pointed out awhile ago the pipeline runs through my district, so i really like it. our third witness is the alternative -- altered legislative director for the transportation union. the chair recognizes mr. risch for members of the committee, on behalf of the -- on the united transportation union i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to address the committee today. due to leave kuwait represent thousands of trends and rail employees. each and every day members of the front line of travel to keep the transportation network secure. members are committed to work with employers and the government to improve the lines of defense against those who wish the nation harm. offer to work with the nation's railroad on the security
9:57 pm
training and had a positive discussion on possible joint partnerships. a primary concern to the members is the lack of blocks for doors and windows on the locomotive cabs. we believe it should be required all locomotives be quote with locks for the doors and windows to prevent unauthorized entry to the operating compartment. when windows and doors are locked the locomotive cab needs to be air-conditioned certainly in cold weather operating crews will close the windows and doors however in hot weather without air-conditioning operating they're forced to open the doors and windows compromising their personal safety and that of others. currently there is more federal standards equipping the locomotive with air-conditioning or secure locks and doors and windows and we are pleased to see the federal railroad administration is developing regulations that address the issue of air-conditioning but not on the locks and doors would like to clarify in my written statement i did mention a terrible incident happened in the new orleans last year and i've been told by the railroad
9:58 pm
involved that the callow did have locks in a particular locomotive did have air-conditioning. in regard to the bus the operations on the bus industry we recommend they be secured with sensing, video cameras, security personnel or a combination of all three. minibus yards on offense and many that are do not have blocked the gates. in regards to the security training for employees, we need to adequately train hundreds of thousands of transit and workers across america so that they are ready in the event of a terrorist threat or attack. the emergency situation the members of the first on the scene even before the police, firefighters and emergency medical responders and what they do in the first few minutes is crucial to minimizing destruction and loss of life. these and these need to know how to recognize the potential problem their particles follow for reporting to the threats and how to protect themselves and others from harm.
9:59 pm
the committee worked diligently to address these concerns by including a comprehensive training in the 9/11 commission act that legislation mandate had been all front line transit rail over the bus employees undergo the training exercises receive training on the evacuation procedures and be instruct on the crew and passenger communications and coordination. unfortunately, these mandates are nearly four years overdue. in fact, this administration failed to issue a notice of proposed rulemaking on these essentials training issues. we believe this is unacceptable and further delay on the existing dangers. our work as a locomotive engineer for 40 years on a large freight railroad and in my entire career, my security training consisted of watching a 30 minute video in a cubicle on myself. the video was well done and to report any suspicious activities how to be more aware of my surroundings. however, it wasn't tailored to my job responsibilities, and i
10:00 pm
didn't learn any specific skills. .. we appreciate the effort to push for meaningful security initiatives. we strongly urge to say to implement training mandated in the 9/11 that to ensure for it
10:01 pm
when workers are prepared to assist in event of an emergency. thanks again for the opportunity to be here. >> thank you had a thing called the witnesses. i want to follow-up on that point because i met with chief done them before the hearing and she talked about the extensive training that her transit employees undergo. is that automated site that? describe which are training is for your transit security individuals. >> yes, sir. as he spoke earlier, we were talking about the fact that you have to train every employee. i think as we were talking about the airline -- the flight attendants, whoever is going to be the first person they are and so you have to train everyone, not just specialized teams of people, but she have to train everybody and we make sure everyone of our employees are trained on any active shooter. >> is it just videos?
10:02 pm
>> know, there's flight instruction. it's a layered approach and said there is flight instruction. there's hands-on because i think we learn from hands on this so there's a lot of participation in whatever they training is. and the good thing about it is all the training is grant funded. >> you talk about all you had was a video to watch. do you still see that occurring in any of the transportation they were talking about here today? >> well, ill may represent the bus and rail industry. it varies from railroad to ray road. from best company to the company. it's not uniform. currently there is nothing requiring the length and type of training going on. the federal railroad administration is the top in some legislation on standards, but they only apply to operation or rules and federal regulations
10:03 pm
see if they don't apply to security training. and through that process the first more comprehensive law. >> if i wanted to visit that because my interaction with the various transportation sectors has led me to believe the training is more today detailed than having people watch video. if that is prevalent, we want to know so we can work to change that fact. i want to go to mr. farmer. he talked in your opening statement about the need for intelligence sharing and you've told me that months ago on a private meeting. are you seeing any improvements? and if so, or even if not, what can we do in the reauthorization that would facilitate better communication to and from tsa to the rail industry? >> sir, we see improvement in their willingness to discuss changes in approach. we have presented our intelligence requirement to a
10:04 pm
member of tsa office of intelligence committee hs office of infrastructure and we've even had a chance to participate in a stakeholder outreach program at the outset director of national intelligence. but the problem as there is a lot of nodding at the head that it was a good idea, to focus on the preparatory aspects of operations, that there does not seem to be a willingness to make the necessary adjustments and priorities for anyone of those entities, but to take that on. >> that's what i'm asking. is there something in the reauthorization language that would set the framework suit have a higher degree of confidence that necessary back-and-forth of information? >> i think with the authorization i could discuss is less focused on some fundamental priorities. one of the best documents you can read in 1983 and now declassified.
10:05 pm
it's a page assigned. most of which you see from the federal government and the dozens to hundreds of pages. let's talk about quarter fundamental priorities. in the information sharing, there's a lot of wind shears, but often after the factory told to assist any casualties. or not getting it in our analysis. so what we're looking for is an entity. i think tsa is the best place to do this, to do the amount to become the resource for transportation related security intelligence. dhs has an excellent tool is a diagram that shows the steps of the planning cycle appeared but we've never seen a semi-breakdown in operation against lifecycle and become the ketamine fewer opportunities could have made a difference. in terms of an authorization,
10:06 pm
setting this a priority for parents and security professionals and railroads, tracking, to understand by knowing that we can know. it happened overseas. with that disruptive plot here. when i witkowski off of what we can know. >> excellent. my tennis up and i look forward to asking her questions. the chair now recognizes the ranking member for any question she may have. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i have so many. i ask you to help me with your answers so that i can ask all of these questions based on some very, very important testimony. the continuing theme i heard this they need training, training and access to information to help us be able to interpret the threat is around us and i thank you for that. i think it's going to be important as we move towards an authorization bill. if i might ask, mr. risch
10:07 pm
specifically, i have the privilege of representing houston, texas has the motto rather not answer every alliance to residential neighborhoods to near schools and a lot of facilities where people are engrossing and cake icing. some if you could create a training program for this marinade, what types of things that you focus on? me to be vigilant and watch out for twiki in a real opportunity in airport goes to the right people selection can be be taken. i think what you need is a clustered environment, when a structure is very an individual workers cannot and coworkers say canonical cars are routinely
10:08 pm
story. they have to be very vigilant in those areas. there'll be a host of things that security -- people trained in security know what to look for would be the appropriate lens and not so many vail road data or video to really doesn't understand the potential to. >> so many hands-on training >> correct. >> working with pipelines as millions state of texas. he had an incident that just occurred in montana and the potential for a terrorist threats against pipelines i think it's great. what specifically can we do to add to the security of pipelines, training and otherwise? 's >> i hope that is not an element. that's a great question, man. but ac going on is a lot like what i heard elsewhere if
10:09 pm
average is so much in such an efficient manner. i'm not necessarily opposed to video as a platform for an training. more importantly is ensuring that the instructors qualified individuals in the training actually understand the mission. i think video can be incorporated in an overall training program. the tsa chooses to just buy it be a target for law enforcement and operators, which affected because interest are slightly different enemies for information are slightly different than they both need the training. they would be dave default the public side of the house, but extended to the private site based on positions, where they are security efforts and so forth. that is helpful. there are also forums in the clearance process that allows people in ministry to have
10:10 pm
access to classified information in the need to know basis. >> maybe i'll come back to you, the lead me quickly ask and i appreciate that he and fair quickly ask mr. rojas, what would have been to you with the underfunding of the transportation security prayer programs. mr. rojas, could you emphasize the streamlining of twit, making it the single security document on security document on how the nessus security and mr. farmer, could you tell us how we can harmonize tsa's real security standards and expectations with the issues and concerns you have with the american religious is issuing? let me go to the chief first, please. >> yes, ma'am. that's a great question. in the state of georgia, where one of the only transit agencies do not believe any threat funding or in a cramped subsidies from the state of georgia.
10:11 pm
so grant funding is the only thing we have in order to target partners this time. without the funny movie last susceptible to any kind of terrorist threat. it's very important to us and that's what we really need to continue this program and get more allocations because we have considered it to one agency, which means that if an attack is likely to occur in our city. so it's definitely would need that funding. >> we thank you. mr. rojas. microphone. >> sorry. we believe it can certainly function as an excellent security threat assessment and credential for multiple facilities. as i said my comments, winter so many different kinds of facilities for maritime to railyard and mr. rees explained in his comments does not purposely done so with the time there so many areas we have to gain access to that if each one of these facilities required a separate credential in separate access card in separate
10:12 pm
background check essentially, we would find ourselves wearing too many credentials and having to undergo too many background checks. so i think we can write a point with a single process and single system and recognized we have to make the process better and tsa is aware of that, too. so we are very supportive of the twit content. >> yes, ma'am. the challenge of real estate because they operate across many states and in particular the class one railroads and amtrak. is that because the tsa inspectors are supervised locally that the priorities they pursue common interpretations they bring to bear can vary significantly from place to place? we've had situations where railroads are taking actions that are seen as compliant press and tsa offices in the field and yet are treated as violations by others. we believe some form of oversight from the headquarters level or through the regional
10:13 pm
security would be a way to overcome the problem. the last i heard at a meeting with tsa and march in fort worth as it issued 17 investigations alleging potential violations of tsa security regulations. seven of those had to be withdrawn because they simply did not state a meritorious case. it was the letter showed up the railroad, and attacking about fines measured in 10,000 for investigation. throughout the remaining time, not alleged any sort of noncompliance with subsidy security issue at hand and they were letting areas and documentation. the concern again this than the standard theory, you have a situation where 40% of the investigation are kicked out because they're simply not meritorious. or coordination between headquarters with inspection of failing headquarter priorities can bring consistency to a railroad class one freight
10:14 pm
railroad amtrak and reply in a similar interpretation of evil wherever it operates. >> chairman thank you. on this point, can't imagine not having consistent and start yours, which may righteously sham tries to address well-trained federal inspectors all over america when in fact these rabbits. thank you for your indulgence. >> those chair recognizes mr. cravaack for five minutes. >> real quick question. i understand that in 2008 to 2011 was gone from 175 inspectors to 318 spec is. in your opinion, do you think that is increased security of your system while at the same time he began consistencies were speaking out is because of the rapid deployment of the security force? what is your opinion? >> the rapid increase and now
10:15 pm
actually over 400 is the most recent statistic that i heard. the rapid increase as the force has caused a departure from office the fundamental premise of the hiring of those inspectors at the outset back in 2005, 2006. it is very much been a focus on hiring people with a real background for a transit background. one of the concerns now is they don't get people in these positions. they don't have extensive real or transit experience or bring to their familiarity with the environment that creates safety concerns us is often railroads are entities orienting inspectors to dangers that the environment. more importantly, lack of familiarity with real generally does create a situation where the source of income distances become more likely, especially if there seems to be a disconnect between what priorities are set up at the headquarters of like if executed in the field. >> mr. rojas, do you feel the same way?
10:16 pm
>> the issue for us has to do with obviously with a much larger population attract companies out in the field with about 600,000 trucking companies registered with the u.s. department of transportation for interstate commerce in another 500,000 intrastate commerce. so we need to have some level of harmony nation in that area. i think it would be important because we've had some issues where inspect or so, up, some of the viper teams asking truck drivers if they actually have a twit, for example. and for no specific reason. they might not be near a port. so we have some issues in this area and we certainly look forward to working with tsa and the committee on this issue. >> c. probably take the training of inspectors themselves is the
10:17 pm
issue. >> welcome the problem is detailed with different law enforcement agencies. if you think about the commercial inspectors or state vehicles. we obviously deal with different -- different highway agencies. there is because there in dealing with too many law enforcement people that there is a sense that it's a bit overwhelming for the drivers and how many my law-enforcement agencies have to deal with. so if one more inspector asking for yet another credential for training component or something like that gets a little overwhelming for the truck drivers. >> why they get their free time. >> that's correct. >> could you explain, man. >> one thing to keep in mind is that the increase in security expect terrorist is not being more security. i think people get confused by that. they are kind of an oversized and sometimes it is a little bit
10:18 pm
match for them to come in like mr. rojas said. yet another inspector coming in. i need her boots on the ground. i need my people in the field. >> thank you, man. mr. reese, would you care to comment, sir? >> i would echo mr. ross comments. but enough is a standardization issue is the collective inspect yours interpret the rates of family, approach work the same way can you get a more consistent application of the inspection process and i'll hold it there. >> thank you, sir. mr. farmer, and very lucky to have international falls is a district which is a rare point for border security. anytime a little but the tsa at a point such as that which has a lot of real growth. and if you could expand upon that a little bit. >> in areas like the inspections
10:19 pm
and from two dhs components and inspectors looking too many issues involving various actions the overseer regulations particularly pertaining to transport of hazardous material and also potential interest in customs and border protection looking at the issues there is commerce goes back and forth across the border. the railroad spend an awful lot of time and effort and cooperation with the cbp and tsa in this area are particularly with customs and border protection, their joint working groups that focus specifically on enhancing cross-border security across border in the north importer of canadian national and canadian associate. each of those has their own rail. police departments with the traffic crosses the border and goes to the customs border protection check point. there isn't a screening system that evaluates those cars to look for any indications of contraband. so it is a good, collected an
10:20 pm
extensive effort for a significant is paid both by the rail industry and the government to church to mitigate it minimize the use as a means to give something to listen in to the >> this error great teams that they are. with on the, sir, i really hope that. >> i thank the gentleman. the chair now recognizes mr. clerk read. all right, we'll go back to the chairman. one of the games that i wanted to give it and i talked with most of you about this privately is do you see any rules and regulations still hanging out there that really need to be pruned back that are no longer relevant or applicable or duplicative? let's start with mr. rojas on that. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i think the obama administration issued executive order 13563 in relation to the very issue of overlapping regulations we
10:21 pm
certainly see many comments. for us the major one -- the first one is credentialing as you well know. some other issues we've been dealing with for the two some of the validation processes a the audits or visits from multiple agencies do sometimes. i know tsa has been developing security and u.s. transportation has been doing compliance reviews. it seems to us there should be an ability to coordinate to what the results of each one are so we don't get multiple visits per se. at the same time, many carriers are members of the customs trade partnership against terrorism and have undergone valuations. the number of programs out there assertion be a concern to her industry in that sense. >> thank you. mr. farmer. >> in the area security, one of the challenges you run into this overlap at times between
10:22 pm
regulation maintained by the department of transportation and is subsequently put in place by tsa were to be put in place by tsa. it was referenced earlier to the rulemaking under the 9/11 act for training and one pertains to security plans. weak, specifically with tsa, the predominant regulation has the fact time the railroads is 1580 and focuses on reporting security concerns, please been a security coordinator, particularly with requirements pertaining to the transport of toxic inhalation material. we too believe that those regulate now in effect for a couple of years the process to develop and start five plus years ago that there's an opportunity to look at some of the specific processes under the rules to determine what is necessary at this point. in the media and party existing
10:23 pm
the department of transportation and to preparedness training, tsa looks to regulate in that area, support you harmonize that for that one agency takes the field so you have one set of requirements that pertain. dhs, as mr. rojas pointed out his acted upon the executive order calling for review. one concern we have is the document for the photo registers seem to indicate the focus of the review revealed the interviews that were five years old and more. but dhs it has not been in existence, and particularly any regulations put out within the past five years. in a sense they've taken out at the table. it would take a broader look at at that action on the president's executive order and regulations as they exist and also look at one's that have been mandated for their necessity at this point. >> this'll be for mr. farmer and chief done them.
10:24 pm
currently tsa a separate houses for rate frail and mass transit. do you participate this or not? chief done in. >> idea. i do support it because we do totally different things in our challenges are totally different, so i do support having two different structures. >> how about you, mr. farmer? >> sert county split between free rail and mass transit of sound. we can rent difficulties in coordination however the passenger bit of a spirit free passengers operate in the same infrastructures was important within government to avoid there doing collectively for security and often because they're in the same routes. that is two things that participate in basir said. some should be for the grant program says the committee is so instrumental in making have been as benefits that accrue to fragrant and recipients. in the aar, we have formed a joint committee, a passenger --
10:25 pm
for a passenger committee specifically to ensure from a security as well as operations and safety working while a concert together. we would ask when tsa considers matters pertaining to wrote that they look from integrated approach that these are not separate channels, but there is much common synergy that can be gained in freight rail security. >> my last question is for chief done him. your system is literally a living system security fund. i feel strongly about your closed-circuit cameras and how far you've come up those simply and of course canines, which is my pet issue, but i would like for you to speak briefly on how the teams fit into your operations. >> we are very fortunate in atlanta to have a really good working relationship under the federal air marshals program. the teams are great resource for
10:26 pm
us because we don't have extra resources. you can call the viper team fan. they are acclimated to the rail environment and so they come in, especially for special events, large-scale event. they come in and blend into our environment. outcome of this extra added resource for us. we've been fortunate on the great working relationship. >> thank you. the thought of the. the ranking members recognize for five minutes for additional questions. >> thank you very much. you have reason very important issues on how we can make or inspect various really focus in on the word that would secure the railroads. so i raised it to a question of your support for the establishment of the inspector
10:27 pm
office at tsa, which would improve oversight and training and give greater attention to surface programs. the provision is in h.r. 1900. >> interesting enough, i worked at tsa when the program started. and right at the outset it was very much coordinated from that level, which did enable substantial progress in some key areas to take place. in particular, the arrangements between the railroads and transit agencies on security action items that each agree to in the transit and rail communities to have inspectors come in and evaluate those. in both areas in great rail and mass transit and passenger rail comes substantial value accrued from that coordinated effort driven by a well-defined priority, says in action items and producing the court to prove value by tsa in developing
10:28 pm
programs into railroads, passenger and freight in looking at how well they were doing and being were opportunities for improvement they exist. i referenced earlier specifically appointed to achieve a purpose to your preference should bring the oversight, to bring the consistency. in fact, the letters that appoint them are very expressive and how the railroad should be willing in april and frequently take advantage of this physician. it seems than the actual implementation of the suspect there's have not been able to do the job in the way that the letters indicated they would. they are not even actually the organizational structure or inspectors in the field. so some approach.brings back a marionette priorities for field in fact yours with the policies being set between mobile divisions and mass transit finish ends with representative
10:29 pm
industry, railroad officials, transit officials, people in my possession. so whatever approach can get us back to the marionette priorities between headquarters and activities in the fields is one that would be beneficial across the board. >> content at the inspector service officer be just that and also to focus on the security side of an inspection, it hangs that would prevent harm from coming to the railroad processes in their business. certainly it's important to look at paperwork, the resources in the transportation security administration should be focused on what is there that is threatening that facility. would you agree to that? ..
10:30 pm
but find a way to handle that in a manner that doesn't interfere with the serious work of securing that area. thank you for that and mr. reese let me pursue the question on pipelines. we know that pipelines systems are highly automated and therefore we are hoping that there is technology as the most sophisticated kind that is now being used. so i would appreciate you speaking to the latest security technology that may be used on private lines and what
10:31 pm
discussions if you have had any with the department of homeland security regarding dealing with improved pipeline security and i raise the issue of the incident in montana, which was not a peripheral act. it was not an act by a terrorist, but our pipeline system is -- and what are you doing and what is happening with the security technology for pipelines? >> yes, maam. of course the overarching challenge with pipelines is they are so geographically diverse and there's so much asset to protect. what it necessitates from the beginning is prioritizing those for civility set are most critical to you. tsa does a pretty prescriptive process by which operators are to determine but ultimately the operator knows or should know what is most at risk and so forth so it against with prioritizing those things. their systems and the like can be applied effectively. across miles and miles of pipeline it is very difficult. there are-somethings working in
10:32 pm
our favor. for instance because of the d.o.t. and epa requirements about monitoring we do have in our case at colonial we have aircraft that fly continuously. those folks are well aware of the security implications and they know to report abnormalities and so forth. we still consider our greatest risk to be a third party with a big piece of yellow iron digging a water well or some kind of trenching that is outside of our company. a sickly a third party is our greatest risk but it has the added effect of monitoring for surreptitious activity. if someone was out there to do us harm who is detecting it. beyond that it is a lot of emphasis being placed on the operators to understand what to look for and what to report, suspicious activities. be to reach out to her local law enforcement committees and invite them to our facilities and we get together and look at the facilities and we talk. so that those folks have it in their mind what we are, what we
10:33 pm
are worried about and what we are not worried about and are able to respond. it is a grassroots knit together awareness campaign across the system and we have even involved the general public and landowners. >> i know your challenges best. i know pipelines are where we wouldn't even imagine that they are. i think in working with the chairman i would like to suggest this is an important issue for this committee and working with our stakeholders that we need to focus on ways that we can ensure the highest level of security for this infrastructure that is everywhere. let me do a final quick question to the chief. you made an interesting point and it was really unique that you do not get funding from the state of georgia so you are dependent on resources i assume that you might secure through the fee process, but very dependent on federal resources and i'm reminded even though it was a strange set of facts, of the olympics and the incident that occurred there.
10:34 pm
i know that you all were heavily real initiated because of the olympics. so, tell me if dhs funding was zeroed out, we mention the transportation security grants but i know you have access to others. you mentioned grants. how devastating would that be on a large metropolitan area of like yours? >> yes, maam. thank you. we are in a unique situation as i stated. the state of georgia does not sound transit so every day is a challenge for operating budget and so you can imagine that when you start asking for target hardening, it extra sensitive tv cameras or intrusion detection for our rail lines, you have to get in line. so other things take priority so we isaf to be conscious of the fact that if we don't have grant
10:35 pm
funding for certain items we don't get them. and so if we were not to receive any more grant funding. >> federal funding. >> federal funding, we would be in trouble. our system would be less vulnerable for attacks and of course we would do as much as we could but of course we could do so much more with the federal funding that we need to receive every day. >> thank you mr. chairman and thank you to the witnesses. >> just to follow-up on the ranking member's question. what percentage of your security funding does come from these federal sources? >> we have a 75% of our funding for target hardening comes from grant funding. and of course we talk about -- we get very little from them because we know -- they know we get a lot from department of homeland security so they go to other agencies first. >> the chair recognizes the
10:36 pm
chairman for minnesota. >> thank you. real quick after 9/11 unfortunately we have now been incorporated in front of her national security system. all of us have it due diligence to ensure the homeland security and with that said i was kind of wondering in regards to the different models here, see something say something campaign. have you seen that to be fruitful for us? could you start off mr. barton? >> yes, sir. that campaign has been effective in a number of modes of transportation in particular passenger rail, amtrak has a very proactive program. a of commuter promotes see something, say something. it has been widely used across the country in last year dhs adopted a nationwide program that has introduced many critical infrastructure sectors. so we see it as a very effective means by which the public, which is quite familiar with what goes
10:37 pm
on as they use it each day because of the time they spend on it. for them to understand how to report security concerns. programs that entail reaching out to those who live near their operations or have interest in their operations can become initialized for security as well. >> thank you, sir. mr. rojas. >> i would describe -- everybody is much more alert now as we look out. we just had an incident back in february and they ranking member state in lubbock texas were student was a saudi student -- was arrested after trying to procure some material to develop a bomb, and the reason why the student was actually are arrested was because an employee of the carrier company noticed that the elements, the cargo, was suspect. we did some research on the person and decided to call and
10:38 pm
he called in his security team and they called law-enforcement. at the same time the chemical company also called in the fbi so i think there's this level of alertness that is out there that is part of that information sharing component we are talking about. it goes both ways and it is important to ensure that critical information sharing and a component of how can we communicate with law enforcement to ensure that if we see something so this this issues we able to call it in so i think i would agree. i think it is better and everybody's psyche everybody psyche now. >> thank you. chief dumb and. >> see something say something is become a way of life. is not just a program. you have to embed it into your everyday operation and so see something, say something is valuable. one thing we did learn from 9/11 is that we can't do it alone. even the amount of officers we can't do it alone so we need our customers to be our eyes and ears and to help us. this is something we can ask them to help us and we have a very aggressive see something, say something program but not
10:39 pm
only that we have a knob on my shift program for our employees so they help us as well because the employees are your first line of defense so they tell us what is going on. we are very pleased with our see something, say something campaign and tougaloo university came down last month to take a look at our program because it is one of the cutting edge programs for see something, say something. >> you kind of sparked a memory. when i was in a baby, not on my watch. mr. reese? >> most definitely applicable. pipeline plans are typically threat they so there's a baseline of security measures and then there is an additional measure that would be based on threat. however that threat information is obtained whether provided by the government or whether it is concerned citizen or an employee who is alert and aware that information is valuable and it ought to trigger and i was suggested as the cornerstone of
10:40 pm
any effective plan. see something say something is an. >> mr. chairman do the time i will yield back, sir. >> i:the gentleman. >> i can't miss this opportunity. i want to thank chief dunham for now publicly announcing a new national effort not on my shift. mr. chairman and i have just made an agreement, not on our time on this committee. >> that's right. not on our ship. >> if anything is going to happen to the nation's transportation system, we just put a heavy burden on ourselves or with the how fast and furious. not in my shift. that is a great one. thank you and i yield back mr. chairman. >> i:the witnesses for your time and preparation. it has been very helpful. we have another panel otherwise i would keep asking questions. that i would remind all the witnesses that members may have
10:41 pm
additional questions. the whole purpose of this hearing is to layout the congressional records and facts. i have additional questions and other members mike and i would ask when those are submitted to you within 10 days to try to get us back a written response to those. with that thank you. this panelist dismissed and we call up the second panel. [inaudible conversations] the chair recognizes the second panel. we are pleased to have with the several distinguished witnesses before us today on this important topic. let me remind the witnesses that their entire statements will be appearing in the record. our first witness is mr. nicholas calio. how did i pronounce that? i am sure it richard at. he is executive officer of the air transport association.
10:42 pm
the chair recognizes mr. calio for his opening testimony. you will have to get your microphone there mr. calio. >> thank you. chairman rogers, ranking member jackson-lee and members of the committee, thank you or the opportunity to testify here today. as the committee undertakes reauthorizing tsa, think it might be helpful to set a little perspective. by recalling why tsa was created to begin with. to protect the united states, its systems, our economy and a way our way of life from terrorist attacks. the reason i mention this is because as i travel around in airports i often observe travelers are passengers who with the passage of time, don't seem to understand why the screening process is necessary. it is. can it be better? cs and ata is working with tsa to try to improve it. effective efficiency is vital to
10:43 pm
the airline industry and fulfilling our central role in propelling commerce and economic vitality and global competitiveness of the united states. terrorist attacks, either on or through airlines, underscore a simple fact. aviation security is a core homeland security function. are airlines appreciate the collaborative relationship we have with tsa and their willingness to partner with us which is greatly improving the regulatory process, and we believe aviation security. ata supports the risk-based approach to security for passengers, cargo and crew that administrator pistole has endorsed. allowing tsa to focus its finite resources on that which creates the greatest risk is both good policy and good security. in conjunction with tsa's long-standing strategy and multilayered countermeasures and the incorporation of random
10:44 pm
measures, this approach allows the agency to further concentrate resources on high-risk passengers and cargo. targeted security includes differentiating individuals and shippers whose backgrounds are known. the air transport association along with the airline pilots association and tsa has developed a crewmember program which will begin a 90-day pilot program next month at seven major airports. ata has advocated and discussed with tsa having flight attendants included in that program as soon as possible. moving crew out of the security line has a secondary benefit. it's the -- speeds up the process which is something we realize we need to do. passengers could also benefit from a known traveler program and ata strongly endorses tsa's intention of introducing such a program and in our view the sin
10:45 pm
of the better. finally we support similar programs for cargo. we are working with tsa and customs border protection for further risk-based screening of international inbound air cargo. the goal is for tsa and cpp to receive and process information about shippers earlier in the process of a can do it more effectively and without stopping the flow of goods. everything we are discussing here today is about the safe and secure transportation of the people and goods that make america what it is today, connecting small and large communities and connecting america to the global economy. today u.s. airlines and their passengers continued to bear the burden of funding a system that and if can affect the entire nation. those who seek to harm our country like targeting commercial aircraft are attacking the entire u.s. populations in our way of life, not just the airlines. yet in 2010 passengers and
10:46 pm
airlines paid dhs $3.4 billion in taxes and fees, $2 billion of which went to tsa. this is a 50% increase of over what was collected in 2002. it is an enormous contribution from a single segment of the private sector. no other industry or mode of transportation including anyone on the previous panel is required to fund their own security. only the airline industry and its passengers. this really has got to change. in conclusion, the air transport association will continue to work with tsa to evolve our practices to ensure that we have the best possible security so the u.s. airlines can continue to move goods and people to the benefit of our nations economy and our global competitiveness. we look forward to working with you, with tsa to reinforce these mutual goals. thank you very much. >> thank you to calio.
10:47 pm
it was very impressive. we appreciate you being here today. we now go to our second witness who is mark van tine who serves as chief executor -- officer and the manufactures association. the chair now recognizes mr. van tine. >> thank you mr. chairman and good afternoon chair rogers, ranking member jackson-lee and numerous members of the subcommittee. i appreciate this opportunity sit before you and speak about the efforts to reauthorize the transportation and security administration. mr. chairman as you said my day job i am president and ceo. i do appear today on behalf of gamma and my role as a security chairman for the general aviation manufacturers association. gamma represents 72 world leading manufactures of fixed-wing aircraft engines, avionics and components. since the events of
10:48 pm
september 11, 2001, the generation committee has worked diligently to increase security measures and awareness of potential threats to the aviation system. numerous domestic and international initiatives have been put in place by both government and industry that substantially mitigate security risks. there are however areas which we believe the committee should focus for improving security and obtaining operational efficiencies. the first is a large aircraft security program. the large aircraft security program has received significant attention from the general aviation community and numbers of congress sent a notice of proposed rulemaking was published in october of 2008. since the introduction the industry has raised concerns and actively engage with tsa to develop a program that appropriately balances legitimate security risks with the rights of citizens to fly
10:49 pm
their own airplanes. we have made good progress together. gamma asked the administration moved quickly to incorporate the industry's input and finalize its rulemaking as it would enhance security without creating negative consequences. the second is around repair stations. must like -- much like the last rulemaking the industry awaits completion of an aircraft repair station security rulemaking by dhs. tsa is put forth rulemaking that would implement security requirements for repair station to november 2009. we believe it is imperative for tsa and dhs to move forward and complete this rulemaking which puts in place the type of risk-based repair for repair station security that is good for the industry and good for the country. the third is around temporary flight restrictions and access to airspace. temporary flight restrictions tfr passmark are you specifically to designate air
10:50 pm
space around selected sporting events and protect the travel of selected individuals. understand the desire for limitation of tfr but suggest that tsa needs to review their impact on the community to and -- that have a security program in place. in conclusion mr. chairman and members of the subcommittee thank you for your leadership on these issues and for inviting all of us to testify. i believe it is essential for tsa industry and congress to continue to work together on general aviation security issues to ensure we have an effective security system that supports the business and private use of general aviation aircraft. thank you and i look forward to answering your question. >> the chair recognizes her third witness currently serving as president of the cargo airline association. the chair now recognizes mr. altman.
10:51 pm
>> good afternoon. mr. chairman, ranking member jackson-lee and members of the subcommittee i am delighted to be here today and we appreciate the opportunity to testify before you as you move to authorize the transportation security administration. the cargo airline association is a nationwide trade organization representing the interests of the nation's all cargo carriers, specializing school -- soli and cargo are members of the primary drivers of worldwide economy that demands the efficient time definite transportation of a wide range of commodities. every member of the aviation community recognize as the highest level of safety and security must be a cornerstone of all of our operations. it is also important to understand that the aviation industry is composed of a diverse group of businesses with substantially different operational models. we have heard some from mr. calio and we have heard some from gamma. there a whole host of different aviation models and i believe mr. rojas stated earlier we
10:52 pm
expect the trucking agency and one size does not fit all. indeed even within the all cargo community there are substantially different operations. some of our members offer time definite service and are generally known for their express operations. other companies concentrate on traditional freight operations providing the transportation function for the community and all of these different characteristics are currently taken into account by the transportation security at administration as we all operate under different security directives, different emergency amendments and different security programs. each of these different regulatory requirements is tailored to address the unique threats and vulnerabilities of the separate entity segments and this method of regulating the industry should continue. this multilayered risk-based approach to aviation security is clearly appropriate. as tsa ministry or john pistole 51 june 2, 2011 the tsa
10:53 pm
employees are risk-based intelligence driven operations to prevent terrorist attacks. we absolutely agree with the statement. we believe however this approach to aviation security should go at it for there. we actually think it should be codified in a tsa authorization bill to ensure that the theory and the practice of regulating the aviation industry based on intelligence driven risk-based factors should in fact be a cornerstone of the agency itself and should be part of the authorization process. we also agree and appreciate the administrator pistole's to work collaboratively for the to develop programs necessary to enhance security. to his credit the administration has made good on his promise to engage the industry in formulating policy as we move forward. however, we also believe that the tsa industry communications interface should be strengthened and institutionalized by legislatively establishing the
10:54 pm
aviation security advisory committee. this is an advisory committee that was in effect until a couple of years ago and its charter has run out. it is now being reformed and they have parted been technically reconstituted but we can't gamble that this will happen again and we urge the committee to move forward in the tsa authorization bill to institutionalize the existence of the aviation security advisory committee. i would like to talk just briefly about a couple of things so i don't repeat what mr. calio said. after the incident in yemen in 2010, a lot of activity took place. the result of that activity with tsa and the industry working collaboratively to put a whole host of new programs in place to secure international transportation. i would just like to talk about a couple of things that are ongoing. the department of homeland security established air cargo security working group's to deal with what we want to do is we go forward. we think one of the most
10:55 pm
promising areas of inquiry is the intelligent sharing aspect of it and get those working groups move forward we urge you to let them move forward and encouraged them to move forward. another one of those committees dealt with how to get that are technology and better -- so we can screen cargo better. we are chewed to continue the funding that we absolutely recognized that funding problems we had in this country now so i would like to concentrate on low-tech rather than high-tech. a lot was said in the first panel about dogs and we absolutely agree that the k-9 program should be encouraged and expanded. we specifically urge that this committee consider forcing the tsa to expand the use of private k-9 the's in the screening process and that we don't just rely on tsa dogs because there aren't enough of them and there is a program we can put in place where tsa could actually started
10:56 pm
by the dogs and have private screeners do them. we are in strong support of that. mr. chairman icy my time is up. i would be happy to answer any questions as we move forward. thank you very much. >> thank you mr. alterman and we are working to that end to do just that. the chair now recognizes our witness, mr. christopher witkowski. he is currently serving as director of air safety health and security for the association of flight attendants. the chair now recognizes mr. witkowski. >> thank you chairman rogers and ranking member jackson-lee for holding this hearing and allowing us to weigh in on the safety and security issues that are important to flight attendants and national security. and we thank mr.-- for being here as well. my name is christopher witkowski and i'm director of the health and security department of the association of flight attendants cwa who represent more than 60,000 flight attendants and 23 u.s. airlines. before i begin i would like to
10:57 pm
mention flight attendants and air an integral part of the crew in terms of safety and security and have been subjected to the same level of screening and background checks as pilots yet only pilots are being included in the test of the known crewmember screening process that allows expedited crewmember screening at security checkpoints. we thank the committee for their support of flight attendants and we hope this committee will continue to exert pressure on tsa to include flight attendants in the program as it moves forward. i am here to talk about what has happened or in this case what has not happened to flight attendant security and self-defense training in the 10 years since the horrific attacks of 9/11. flight attendants are first responders on commercial airplanes responsible for the protection and preservation of the cabin environment as well as the lives of tens of millions of people every year. there are also the last line of defense in the aircraft cabin. recognizing their security role congress has on separate occasions pass bipartisan laws
10:58 pm
mandating flight attendants self-defense training but corporate pressure and agency prejudice have interfered with congressional intent. i am here to say the training for flight attendants remains elusive and leeds passenger airplanes unnecessarily vulnerable to attack. prior to the 9/11 attacks flight attendants were instructed to slow down their actions to comply with hijackers. the sooner the hijacker wanted to go to a destination or wanted money or notoriety only. two months after 9/11, congress passed the aviation and transportation security act which mandated a change to the drinking curriculum and philosophy. the new hijack lee's aircraft as a weapon of mass destruction. heart of the request for updating the training included basic self-defense maneuvers to allow flight attendants to defend himself against a terrorist attack. we are not asking for flight attendants to be certified
10:59 pm
martial arts experts. afa worked with regulators and industry representatives to create a training program that would allow flight attendants to be provided with the appropriate training required to perform their duties. with the passage of apps to afa also urged congress to change the requirements for flight attendant security training to include a provision that mandated a said a number of hours for the security training of these mandates would have to be in for so all carriers would be required to provide the same level of appropriate and effective security training for all flight attendants. the homeland security act of 2002 required the undersecretary of transportation for security to issue a rule mandating both classroom and effective hands-on situational training covering 10 elements. among them come appropriate and effective responses to defend oneself, including the use of force against an attacker. it was vision 10,


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